"Insignificant" the Web Series

                                           Produced by Infinite Variety Productions 


                                   Based on the original play by Sean Michael Welch



                                 Mix PBS with Drunk History and add a feminist twist!


















Each episode will include a cameo by contemporary scientists including:

Emily Rice (Professor of Engineering and Physics at CSI) 

Summer Ash (Director of Astronomy Outreach at Columbia University)

Jillian Bellvory (Helen Postdoctoral Fellow at American Museum of Natural History)

Saavik Ford(Professor of Science at BMCC)

Saurabh Jha (Professor of Physics & Science at Rutgers)

Marc Taylor (Manager of Science Programs at Hudson River Museum & Planetarium)

Colette Salyk (Professor of Astronomy at Vassar College)

Irene Pease (Brooklyn Neighborhood Astronomer)

Ashley Pagnotta (Davis Scholar- Postdoctoral Fellow at Museum of Natural History)