"Insignificant" by Sean Michael Welch was first  produced as a play by Infinite Variety Productions.


The piece documents the lives and discoveries of the first female astronomers, whose findings are well known, but whose names are not. The show received critical acclaim and garnered much interest from audiences and the scientific community, so much that we decided to transform it into a web series to expand its reach.

INSIGNIFICANT is the story of some of the most important women in the history of astronomy: Cecilia Payne, Annie Jump Cannon, Antonia Maury, Williamina Fleming, and Henrietta Swan Leavitt.

Young Cecilia Payne is about to become the first person to receive a Ph.D. in astronomy from Harvard University. Despite the accolades and such a promising beginning to her career, she is opting to change her doctorate findings. She believes her discovery of something that undermines what is known of the universe will make her road a difficult one to travel.

Her mentor, Annie Jump Cannon, unhappy with Cecilia's decision to negate this important finding, takes Cecilia on a journey through her own memories in order to persuade her that she is making a mistake in not taking credit for the find.


Insignificant premiered at The Kraine Theatre on December 3rd.


The Huffington Post called Insignificant "entertaining, provocative, and informative."


IVP "has put together a treat for anyone who likes their theater to be as educational as it is entertaining" - Natalie Saks, Chargedfm.


"[Sean Michael] Welch's storytelling acumen allows him to deliver scientific exposition...without sacrificing the characters' sincere and at times raw human emotions"  - Nick Leshi, City of Kik.

Insignificant continued in March 2016 when IVP was commissioned by Astronomy on Tap.


Scenes from Insignificant were performed around lectures from present day scientists.


See the livestreamed performance at Aot + IVP